Meet the artist...

Joan Lucht, a native Montanan, lives 60 miles north of Yellowstone Park in picturesque Bozeman, Montana with her husband and four boys.

She started her company 10 years ago after quitting full time retail buying in order to raise their first child. Trying to find a way to earn money while staying at home, she started making salt dough ornaments.  "For my first show I made 100 teddy bears and sold every one in an hour," she says laughing.  "My husband couldn't believe it!"  Realizing she had a unique product, Joan started adding more styles and volume to her line.  "My goal has never been to become rich doing this, " she remarks.  "I only wanted to stay at home and raise my little ones.  I'm convinced God makes my ornaments sell because of those priorities."  She now carries over 40 styles and sells thousands of them each year. Each ornament is still individually hand made, however, then high gloss sealed for beauty and durability. Personalization is added at the time of ordering.

In addition to creating ornaments year round, Joan also juggles working for her husband and shuttling their children to extracurricular activities. She also regularly volunteers for school and church projects. In her spare time, Joan loves to scrapbook, sew, do counted cross stitch, exercise and just spend time with her family.